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About Us

Established in 2011, Accumen Management is a London based boutique Asset Management and Foreign Exchange Consultancy.Founded on the principle and working to its core strength of top down macroeconomic analysis and strategy, coupled with a flat corporate structure, allows Accumen to act with the utmost of agility and precision in providing maximum benefit to clients.

Accumen Management offers its clients a suite of services centred on the Foreign Exchange and Capital markets including ad hoc tactical research as well as longer term strategic analysis.

Ken Veksler

Director and Chief Investment Officer

Ken brings to Accumen nearly two decades experience dealing directly in the Foreign Exchange interbank markets and asset management sectors. Over the course of his career, Ken has worked for various tier one global banks as a market maker and proprietary trader. Ken was also managing director and founding partner of a successful asset management company based in Australia. Most recently, Ken spent three years at Saxo Bank in Denmark.